paranormal experience If you have an extra $26,000 burning a hole in your pocket, then Ebay seller c64man has a once in a lifetime paranormal travel package for you and your 3 closest and creepiest friends. Let’s see what you get…

You will fly to Cleveland and be picked up at the airport by a limo and taken to your hotel. Once you’re well rested from your flight, the limo will pick you up and transport you to an undisclosed, haunted location. You will be taken on a spooky ghost tour, led by a psychic medium, to insure that you will have many paranormal encounters. After getting spooked by ghosts, you will go to a Native American Healing ceremony.

At the end of your supernatural experience, you will receive many creepy parting gifts…you might want to rent a Uhaul to get all 700 pounds of them back home. Here’s what you you will be hauling back to your lair:

paranormal experienceA circa 1920 embalming table verified with over 1,000 embalmings on it
One antique coffin that transported a body on a ship from Europe to the US over 100 years ago
A circa 1920’s – 1930’s velvet funeral canopy
One vintage carrying case that the canopy was transported in
One bier with a copper insert

paranormal experienceOne vintage kneel-er
One vintage guest sign in podium
Two vintage candle holders

paranormal experienceOne cabinet full of vintage portable embalming tools and jars

paranormal experienceOne cabinet full of vintage embalming cosmetic items

paranormal experienceOne cabinet with circa 1930’s-1940’s funeral dresses. Score!