skeleton headpieceCheck out this skeleton headpiece from Etsy seller Twinklybits. This glitter infested corpse has it’s arms all wide like, “Now you look FAB-U-LESS. Take me to the market. I need ingredients for Margaritas and Fajitas. Walk slower, I’m getting all saddle sore you silly goose. Onward, before I give you a fanny massage that will rub you bald my little stallion!”

skeleton headpiece
The seller has a bunch of crazy, creepy and cool hats to choose from. This one is $395. He will probably require you to completely bend to his will though, as you basically just chauffeur him around and accompany him on pub crawls and such. In the image above, the current owner has clearly had enough and is trying to trap him in some kind of phantom zone or dimensional prison. He’s having none of it. He’s all like, “Damn your insolence! How dare you defy me! I only grow stronger!”

No bones about it, not buying this headpiece would be a grave mistake. Of corpse if you don’t have the money, then you don’t have the money. See what I did there? That 8th grade education I finally completed online(phew. That’s a load off.) is really paying off.