arachnophobiaMakes us feel all twitchy and nervous, looking at these banana spider specimens. They’re not as cute and sweet as the yellow tropical fruit they’re named after…not sure why they would call them that even. Maybe it’s their yellow coloring or that someone got freaked out when they found one creeping on their banana and named it that. Are they poisonous? They certainly look scary enough to send you to the emergency room, crying for your mommy. The seller doesn’t share any information on them- why should they? Those spiders are long dead, so don’t pose a threat. Plus, the seller probably figures that in this day and age, people can go look up the info themselves. So, to save you that pesky task of looking it up for yourself and to take all the guess work out of this, let’s see what the internet has to say on the matter.

arachnophobiaAccording to :

The Banana Spider is known to hide among bananas shipped to the US and is really called the Brazilian Wandering Spider. These spiders are aggressive and very venomous and not intimidated by size (can attack people when threatened).

If you are bitten by a Brazilian Wandering spider (Phoneutria spp.), you should seek immediate emergency treatment as the venom could possibly be life threatening. The Phoneutria not only has a potent neurotoxin, but is said to have one of the most excruciatingly painful spider bites of all spiders due to its high concentration of serotonin.

Despite the Banana Spider’s reputation as the world’s deadliest spider, there are multiple studies that dispute the ability for the spider to actually kill a human and one study suggested that a little over 2% of these spider bites (mostly in children) were serious enough to require antivenom.

On the other hand, there are other studies suggesting that the Banana Spider is indeed the most toxic spider in the world based upon toxicology studies. One of the most notable and thorough studies is presented in the book “Venomous Animals and their Venoms Vol. III” by Wolfgang Bucheral and Eleanor Buckley. This study has some shocking findings that clearly demonstrate how lethal the Brazilian Wandering spider can actually be.

Oh good…at least they can’t kill you, but they might make you wish you were dead, when you’re screaming from all of the pain that their venomous bite causes- Eek! Be sure to keep a close eye on those bananas and look carefully before you go touching them at the grocery store…you never know if one of these creepy crawlies might be lurking, waiting to strike.