etsy foot failIt’s understandable to peruse the craft-laden streets of Etsy, looking for some fine art to decorate your palace walls. But some people like nasty feet. Here is the art for you.

Well, KJBeargeonStudio over at Etsy has a piece of fine art just for you. It is called Fairywinkle. Now, there are no feet painted on the canvas itself, but she aims to entice you by posing as seen here, with her goth tootsies framing this lovely objet de art.

Now a normal art buyer would look at this $98 blue painting with white splashed across it and say, “Damn $98? That took two minutes to paint” and move on feeling superior. But others… Wink. Wink. Nod. Nudge with the elbow. Others might just be mesmerized by those well manicured goth blackened nails and those well formed veins. Those are the ankles of a minimalist painter, putting in minimal time.

Very clever KJBeargeonStudio. It’s seller eat seller out there. You must use all of your assets to sell. In the market of blue paint mixed with some white, you sell or you sit among the other listings, uninvited to treasuries, there is no middle ground. Also, that hardwood floor is a mess.