std chartThis chart just emphasizes what I tell all of my lady friends. STDs are just love bugs. No big deal. If it don’t burn, you don’t learn, right? Anyway, for $100 you can get this awesome STD chart which will tell you everything you need to know about the herp and other old favorites.

Even if you buy it, you and I both know that it won’t do you any good until after you feel the tingle and burn(Tingle and Burn. Two cops on a mission. Working for STD PD), because you will just ignore it until your junk starts to sound the fire alarm.

Look how cute the love bugs are. Herpes would look like a Jester. You scamp you. Buy this and identify your perp. I mean herp. “I’m Officer Tingle. This is Officer Burn. Just have a look at the lineup. They can’t see you. Which one did this to you?”