red bull brake leverI don’t know what the deal is with these Redbull Brake levers on Ebay. All I know is that I ain’t stopping for nobody. No way. No how. I like my fingers too much.

Tooling down the road(Mostly because I’m a tool on a tricked super-bike screaming “Hell yeah!” into the wind), doing like 120 on the open road. King of the world baby! Oh sh*t. A baby squirrel! Stopping for a baby squirrel is mandatory. No different than tipping the pizza guy some change and a lint ball. It’s all a blur as the furry little bugger heads into my path, laughing like a demented prankster from hell who is about to claim his next soul.

Why? Why did they put a knife on a brake lever? Dear God why? Now I know why Red Bull gives you wings. Because it takes your fingers!