Bowling Zombies Wooden Novelty GameThis Bowling Zombies Wooden Novelty Game looks like a fun way to spend a Friday night. Better than how I usually spend it, crying at the foot of a large Scarlett Johansson poster with a bottle of whiskey and rolling a D20 in the corner, wishing I had some friends to play D and D with.

Stupid “friends”. You get drunk one time and level your character up to a Sexy Stripper/Wizard street walker, with a resistance to Orc Pimp b*tch slaps and suddenly you are shunned like an Amish butter churner who showed a bit of ankle. It probably didn’t help that this took place at my sister’s women’s gaming group.

Oh yeah, this zombie game looks like some serious undead fun. Stack ’em up and knock ’em down. The problem is, the undead get right back up. You are in for a long night of Zombie bowling my friend.

Bowling Zombies Wooden Novelty Game