cat suction cup
Cats don’t care. They do whatever the hell they like. When they like. How they like. They are basically nature’s pain in the ass. You can’t even wash a cat without your cat freaking out and jumping out of the bath tub. Until now. The Cat Suction Cup aka “The Cat Stay and Wash” keeps your cat in one place so you can bathe Fluffy. It’s basically a cat restraint system.

This thing is going to come in so handy. First I’m going to take my kitty, Mistress Meowstress for a walk, then affix the suction cup to the outside of a convenience store while I go in and get some chips. Ah, you’re still here. Good kitty. Then we will get in the car and I will attach her to the inside windshield in an attempt to teach her how to be a GPS system and a dashboard ornament. You said right! Why would you say that? We’re lost! I asked, “Should I go right?” and you said, “Meow.” So I turned meow. WTH?