Chickenhead BarbieDon’t miss your chance to get this chickenhead Barbie doll for $8.99 from Ebay seller tjsbicycles. They should have stuck to bicycles.

The latest from Mattel! Here Barbie is looking stanky, skanky and freaky. She has a chicken head, what looks like a shiv for an arm and her legs look all scabby. She’s just chilling as if taking a bath in a gravy boat, with some level of hades in the background. Hell, this could be marketing for some whacked version of Diablo 3 for all I know.
Chickenhead Barbie
Do you need a Chickenhead Barbie to complete your Action Figure collection? $8.99 is a bargain. She appears to have cellulite, which is odd for the normally anorexic doll. Maybe those are burn marks. The limbs appear to not match the body, but who cares? The damn thing has a chicken head and a shiv attached!