Reindeer Skeleton Cameo NecklaceAwww look at the cute reindeer skeleton just frolicking in the snow. This Reindeer Skeleton Cameo Necklace has nice bones. As you may already know, Zombie Santa uses a bunch of skeleton reindeer to fly to the houses of bad kids who don’t eat their vegetables and get caught playing with their pee-pees. In other words, dude was at my house every year terrorizing me. I never even met the real Santa. Just the creepy anti-Santa. Oh and one year Krampus came to the house and dragged me off in a sack so he could beat me with a stick. Oh yeah, Christmas is just great. Good times! That’s why ever since I turned 12, I just hide in the attic till it’s all over.

Reindeer Skeleton Cameo Necklace