Old man rabbitKill it with fire! Then run, just in case it gets up. I can only surmise by looking into its demon eyes that this is the love child of Christopher Walken and Steve Buscemi. Mixed with Eisenhower. The hell let loose upon this world by that unholy trinity is… It’s just… Well, look at it.

When I saw this guy, I had to get up and check on the kids, lock the door and then sit shivering for 10 minutes. Of course, that may just be my Nyquil cocktail kicking in. I did see the ceiling breathing smoke just before my desk wrapped around me and hugged me. Come to think of it, I can’t even be sure I’m really seeing what I think I am seeing. But I’m sure enough. Etsy is the reason for my nightly cocktail in the first place.

Why does he need all of that body hair? I bet it even smells like old man. At least you could spray some lemon pledge and then wipe him across your furniture. That’s one use for this tribble-bodied, droopy eared freak. Why would I pay $65 to have something creepy in the house? I already have centipedes and spiders!
Old man rabbit
WTF???? He’s got himself a green haired victim of compulsion to carry him to and fro. More cocktail. Soon I’ll forget. Then I’ll just share the next creepy item and chase the dragon all over again.