Crochet Demonstration Model Uterus It’s all about education these days. Unlike when I was a kid, when they just sat you in front of the Atari and handed you a juice box. You have to educate about the whole pushing a baby out of your who-who thing. And to do that you need a crocheted model uterus with placenta and umbilical cord along with a baby. Etsy seller Anabellum417 offers just that. It’s like the ultimate crocheted action figure playset for weirdos and those who need to be taught about the miracle of life.

This miracle of life is a whole lot less messy. I could deliver that little crocheted baby all day long and never learn a thing. And that’s because it kind of looks like an Adventure Time character. I would have Jake and Finn take it on some rad adventures. Click through for another shot of the whole set.

Crochet Demonstration Model Uterus