Dead Irish LeprechaunPissed that you never found a pot of gold from a Leprechaun under a rainbow? I hear ya. I’m pretty pissed about that myself. I chased rainbows for a whole summer once, driving a Ford Pinto, hanging a super soaker out the window, trying to create rainbows on the open highway. No dice. Leprechauns are the tight-fisted cheapskates of the mythical world.

Now we can have our revenge. This little greedy O’Grady, Paddy McDuff or whatever his name was, didn’t have the luck of Irish, to which I can only say HAHA, Nelson from the Simpsons style.

Now you can display his gold lovin’ corpse in your home. He’s just $47. from Etsy seller footstepsinthewind. He has a little gold chain that no one has been able to pry from his dead fingers, his throne and a small gold piece. So, I’m calling him….Paddy O’Furniture.

Dead Irish Leprechaun