E.T. miracle haunted tortillaHallelujah and praise Steven Spielberg! What we have here is a sign that can only be a prelude to an E.T. sequel where E.T. comes back to find that Elliot is a washed up, fat comic book store owner with a penchant for cheap booze and outrageous body odor. That’s when the comedy begins as E.T. tries to put his sorry flabby life back together, while the pair rekindle their love, which knows no bounds. It will be the “sorta feel good, but mostly feel weird” movie of the year.

E.T. miracle haunted tortilla
This religious experience of a flour tortilla foretells it. And everybody knows that tortillas never lead you astray. If Spielberg has been waiting for a sign, this is it!

This is a “naturally occurring E.T. image on a cooked, organic flour tortilla. The tortillas were purchased raw at Costco, and my daughter cooked up a batch for dinner in a frying pan. We were amazed to see this strange image of little E.T. smiling with his finger under his chin. This tortilla is 8” in diameter, and the image of the extra terrestrial is 3” x 4 ¾” in all its glory.”

This is the sign we have all been waiting for. I hope you are ready Steven. Turn on your heartlight!