Edgar Allan Poe Famous Quotes Mug
Drink up with my main man Edgar. This Edgar Allan Poe Famous Quotes Mug will be a fun and frightful read while you are having your morning coffee. In other words, Poe your coffee in this mug. That’s called wordplay son! You’ve been served! You been Poe-wned! I know what your thinking. Oh Poe he dit int just say that! Poe-lease! I did. I really did just say that. What are you gonna do? Call the Poe-lease? So they can stick me in the Poe-key? What, you think these jokes are hokey? Then why don’t you do the hokey-Poe-key and turn yourself about. Yeah, that’s what it’s all about! Yeah, that just happened! I went all kid’s song on your ass. Don’t be mad. You love me. I know you do cuz you drank that love Poe-tion I cooked up.