Embroidered Spider Notebook
Use this Embroidered Spider Notebook to write down whatever you want, but I’m gonna use it to write my one man rap play called “One-man Spider Killing Army”. Here’s the theme song:

I’m a one-man spider killing army
Cuz eight legged freaks be tryin’ to harm me.

Black Widow, Brown recluse, I don’t give a f**k.
I spray Raid and Black Flag all over my truck.

Feelin’ kinda woozy when I hit that stop light.
My head hits the dashboard and I say goodnight.

Bugs don’t stand a chance cuz I creep up on ’em like a villain.
Then I raise my boot and I stone cold kill ’em.

They creep up to my club like some VIP
Then they get a hit of some DDT!

It’s gonna be awesome. The rest is a secret. Totally gonna kickstart it.