omgwtfgmoDamn. This painting titled “Fast Food Nightmare 3” is scary as hell because it’s like one of those horror movies that’s based on a true story. Let’s see if I can decode this work of art.

Basically, Ronald McDonald is feeding some GMO corn to the Taco Bell dog, who naturally has explosive diarrhea and poops on the clown prince of crime’s oversized shoe. Burger King is all like, “my thumbs are tied. I can neither help with the cleanup or serve it up as a whopper. But can you save it for me?” Then Wendy is all like, “He he. I’m evil with a cute face.” Jack in the box looks on like an illuminati master, waiting, calculating. Seeing how it all plays out. Meanwhile, it must be the blindfolded customer’s first time dining in hell, because she’s not obscenely obese. Also, she has no arms with which to choke Colonel Sander’s chicken.