Fishermen Find Dead Werewolf In River
The story goes that two fishermen were out fishing when they discovered a werewolf corpse, lying in the shallow water. Here’s what I think happened:

I think there were 3 fishermen. One went to the edge of the woods to take a dump cuz that’s what you do, and you stay on the edge of the woods cuz the woods is scary. So he dropped his pants and so he wouldn’t get killed by a strange beast, took a dump facing the forest. One of the other 2 fishermen, unbeknownst to all, was a werewolf. This guy happened to look over at his friend who was making like a hershey factory, saw his full moon and transformed into a werewolf. A werewolf who was so distraught at seeing such a hairy ass in such an act, committed suicide right there by drowning.

Now isn’t that far more likely?

via Freaklore