amityvilleEbay seller Amityphotos is looking to sell something that they purchased from the Amytiville Horror House. Is the item haunted? The seller says probably not. It’s not even from the original owners. But still, the item has spent part of its life in the world famous Amityville House, site of 6 murders and that makes it a very creepy conversation piece.

amityvilleAccording to the seller, they traveled 4 hours to get to the house. Looks like they must have waited 4 more hours in that long line. (Nice touch, with the caution tape.)

amityvilleOnce inside the Horror House tag sale, the seller made a beeline to the front sun-room and grabbed the creepiest item in the place- the rabbit basket with metal balls. Look very closely at those balls…there are flies crawling all over them. Remind you of something?

amityvilleThe fly scene! That poor Catholic priest, all covered in flies… seems cheesy now, looking back at it. But as kids in the 70s, that movie creeped the crap out of us and this was one of the many scenes that gave us nightmares for years. This is where we learned that flies are the tools of the devil. Apparently, Satan lacks imagination.

amityville The seller is only auctioning off ONE of those creepy fly balls, not the whole set. They’re trying to fund a trip to another haunted location in the near future.(Hopefully they’ll purchase souvenirs, to sell on Ebay!) They’re including a COA and photos of receipts from the tag sale. They say that they have other Amityville items available as well. We hope they haven’t yet sold the mallet and hedge clippers we see on their receipt.