fortune telling squirrelEtsy seller DeadGoodJewellery‘s friend found some roadkill by the roadside(off-road kill in that case) so naturally they played with the corpse and turned it into a dead fortune telling squirrel. Because that is what most of us would do in that situation. She says that it is inspired by the film “The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus”.

Let me gaze into my crystal ball… I see darkness. No. Two lights approach.

Is it a tall handsome stranger?

No. It is a car.

Is it my car?

No. The headlights draw closer. The light is blinding.

Is it my mother? She is supposed to pick me up after this reading.

No. It is…Ahhhhh! So much blood.

Oh no. Am I going to die?

What? Sorry. Was seeing my own death in this thing. That happens sometimes. Holy hell! What a bloody mess! Where were we? Oh yeah. Your reading. Looks like you are destined to be mauled by a dead squirrel who is hell-bent on revenge. The answer is yes. You ARE going to die!

fortune telling squirrel

fortune telling squirrel

fortune telling squirrel