Freddy Krueger Nightmare On Elm Street Windchimes
This set of Freddy Krueger Nightmare On Elm Street Windchimes makes me suspect I’m actually in a dream. If I get too close and try to shut them up, it’s gonna go crazy and slash at me. That’s why I’m trying to wake myself by repeatedly pinching myself and throwing drinks in my own face. So far all it’s gotten me is a rash and a giant puddle on the carpet. Whatevs. Let it make all of the noise it wants. If I go to sleep while already sleeping he can’t get me. And if he can, I’m gonna keep sleeping in each dream and he will have to catch me. Eventually I’ll wake up….

Unless I have to wake up again and again until I find my way back to the first dream. This shizz is confusing. God dammit Freddy! Can’t I get one night’s sleep?

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