Friday The 13th Jason Goblet
Raise a glass… I mean goblet to your favorite hockey mask wearing slasher. This Friday The 13th Jason Goblet features Jason’s mask so you can drink up with him, catch up, shoot the shizz and get good and drunk. I’m gonna see if they have a Freddy Krueger one and then one of you guys can come over and we can smash them together in toasts and make them fight all night long, until we’re slipping and sliding on all of that liquor.

Sounds like a good time to me. Just don’t rob me when I pass out. K? Don’t worry about all that booze on the floor. This happens every weekend. I just mop it up and fill up booze bottles again. No, no. I didn’t do that when you came over. It’s all cool. Nah. I wouldn’t do that.