Friday the 13th Morphing Mug Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake
Drink up and raise a toast to serial killers who like to wear hockey masks. This Friday the 13th Morphing Mug says “Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake”. Wow, thanks man, great to be here. Gonna have a fun time. Quick question: That scream I just heard coming from the woods? Is that normal? Just a bird huh? Okay, cool. One more quick question: That Hockey goalie that I just saw chasing a woman through the woods and holding a machete, what’s up with that? Roleplay huh? Well, she must not have been in the mood, cuz she locked herself in that cabin over there and he broke in with that machete. Then screams and silence. I guess you’re right, they probably had make-up sex and are sleeping now. Okay, seems legit. I’ll stay the week.