Gangsta Rap Coloring BookBreak out the crayons, not the Glock! This Gangsta Rap Coloring Book is 48 pages of line drawings featuring “Gangsta” rappers, that you can color. Or as one reviewer says:

I purchased this as a means to reminisce, because I used to roll deep with a crew full of G’s. I got out because my baby mama was givin’ me grief. She was worried about me not being there one day, she wanted me to bring it proper, walk the straight and narrow. Anyway, this is the heat. Any book that lets you experiment with Biggy and Nas’s wardrobe in different shades of blue is aight in my book. I bought it for every kid in my sunday school class. I found out a few weeks later that they hit the corner in their low low and beat their first trick. I heard they’re in the market for firearms without serial numbers now. I’m so proud of all of them. It’s good knowing I’ve helped another generation learn how to skate on haters who perpetrate.