Garbage Pail KidsGarbage Pail Kids are nasty. You leave any kid in the garbage for long enough, he/she is bound to have some deformities and gross behavior. Check out this bust of Elaine Vein for $207.49. That chick is crazy nasty, popping veins all over her head. Looks like the Fukushima boy’s choir.

Click through for a bonus poem and another shot of these freaks.

Garbage Pail Kids
Elaine Vein was totally insane

She took to sobbing
Because her head was throbbing

Deep vein thrombosis
Is really the grossest

Just ask my grandma who has a city map on her ankles
Plan your trip on her great big cankles

Thank you. Thank you. Good old grandma. We planned a trip to the Grand Canyon one year, but we kept getting lost, because she kept pulling her support socks up.