Ghost Terrorizes Garment Factory in Cambodia
Da fuq is going on in the world? There’s way too many ghosts and other weird stuff. Imma start my own religion and lead a cult so I can have all the babes in the apocalypse cuz this world is just getting wayyyy to weird. I want off this rock. Almost three dozen workers at a garment factory in Cambodia needed medical treatment after they all freaked out over a ghost. It started when rumors that one of the workers was possessed by a ghost began to spread on the floor of the factory. Bunch of gossiping old hens.

One official with the garment factory workers union said that the possessed person was “yelling for chicken to eat,” apparently talking about some form of sacrifice. Or maybe he just wanted KFC. Did he yell, “Yo, I need some KFC up in this bizz-och.” Or “Yo, all ya’ll best stop making garments and feed my hungry ghost ass!” I have no idea.

Well it doesn’t take much to shake up a Cambodian garment factory employee as “they started to faint one by one” upon hearing the scary story. Just like those damn fainting goats. About 35 employees ended up on the floor during the fainting spree. Just like damn internet goats.

Apparently this factory has been hit by this kind of thing more than ten times. The union official said that one time “magic sorcerers” were brought in to help the workers. Dumbledore and Merlin could not be reached for comment.

via CtC