Guy Finds Chupacabra Skull
This guy had his metal detector with him cuz he was looking to find something to make him rich. Aren’t we all? Well, it was his dog that ended up finding the treasure that fateful day. Nightmare treasure. Not black gold. Not Texas tea. And next thing ya know old Jed ain’t a millionaire. But he did find a Chupacabra skull thanks to his dog. So now he is the proud owner of a Chupacabra cranium. I know what you’re thinking. Looks like a cat skull right? I don’t think so. Those teeth are huge.

The treasure hunter at one point said, “this is what nightmares are made of.” When asked to clarify, he pointed toward the house where his wife waited in the doorway wearing a moo-moo and sipping a Big Gulp then said, “This skull is pretty frightening too.”

Okay, I made that last part up cuz I’m just real excited about this Chupacabra skull. It’s real guys. You know it and I know it.

via KOB