haunted slap markThis little clown seen below looks harmless. Weird, but harmless. The story goes that a nice mother in law bought this doll two months ago for the seller’s 9 month old son Isaac. He was purchased from an antique center in Springfield, Ohio. They named him “Louie”.

Soon after, there were issues with items in the nursery being moved: Diapers hidden under the crib, clothing being removed from the dresser and thrown on the floor and they even woke up one night to the sound of Isaac babbling loudly. They rushed into his nursery and every single stuffed animal he had in the toy box was sitting upright with him in bed.

Now they hear weird groaning and footsteps when no one is there. The kid’s dad has been hearing his name when no one is even talking. Louie likes to play sick games and torment them all. This clown doll shows up everywhere as if he teleports. They find him in the car, on top of the TV, on shelves, in baskets and even the kitchen cabinet. Too bad he doesn’t vanish and stay away.
Louie the haunted clown doll
The dad recently woke up in the middle of a nap screaming that he was being attacked. That hand print you see in the image above showed up his back when NOTHING had touched him. Louie was next to the sofa! A medium told them that Louie had belonged to a little boy in the 70’s named Charlie. Charlie was only 8 years old when he died. Charlie seems to have been “taken” from his family “violently”.

Damn. Like the song says: Louie Louie…oh baby. You gotta go. Bid at your own risk. He is only $72.42.