haunted victorian dressEbay seller paranormal-search-team came across this haunted Victorian dress almost by “accident”, when they purchased a large box of old upholstery fabric. Upon arrival back home, they unpacked the box of textiles and discovered a carefully wrapped bundle on the bottom of the box, with a red ribbon neatly tied around it. They untied the ribbon and started to unpack the bundle, removing layer upon layer of old yellowed tissue paper, that was so timeworn and aged that it crumbled to the touch. In between some of the tattered tissue layers was a handwritten note, with script that read “Gramma New York 1897”. When they peeled away the last layer of tissue, they revealed the contents of the mystery package, a beautiful antique dress.

haunted victorian dressAs they were admiring the dress, they couldn’t shake the eerie feeling that someone was watching them. According to paranormal-search-team, “From the moment that we unwrapped this package, we felt as if were not alone, that feeling that someone is standing directly behind you……watching everything…….just could not shake the feeling. We did not have time to do any research on the dress right away, so we hung it up out of the way in the dining room. That very first night, it began…”

They started to experience eerie paranormal phenomenon surrounding the dress. At first, they just saw “movement” near it, but then the activity grew stronger and they saw an actual ghostly figure float across the room. So, they decided to set up some infrared motion sensor lights in the corners of the room, in hopes that the spirit attached to the dress would set them off and provide proof that the dress was truly haunted and that it wasn’t just their eyes playing tricks on them.

They recall, “1, 2, 3, then 4 hours later …..nothing ! So we turned them off and went to bed. The next evening we decided to try again with the motion sensors. This time adding a laser grid to cover the whole room. Nothing happened all evening until around 11 PM. That is when our eyes were drawn to one of the motion sensors lighting up then another and another until all 4 were lit and we watched in amazement as we saw within the void of the laser grid a fully formed figure move slowly across the room….then it was gone.”

To provide even further evidence that this item is haunted, they claim, “We have had high readings on our EMF meters (K-2 and the Tri-Field) around this dress as well as some recorded EVP’s although they are not intelligible.”

Paranormal-research-team has been studying the paranormal world and ghost hunting for the past 20+ years. Their research has evolved over the years and now includes haunted items, which they strongly believe have a way of finding them. Oftentimes, they are called by people to take the item, or it’s a looked over object at a tag sale. Whatever the circumstances are, it appears that unseen hands from the other side are helping them to bring the haunted item home, in order to open up a dialogue with the attached spirit(s) and to ultimately find a good home for the object and its previous ghostly owner.