doom  buggy chairSo many hauntings…so little time… We do what we can, to pick the cream of the crop on Ebay and share with you the strangest and creepiest haunted items we run across. Here’s a spooky caneback chair, that reminds us of a Doom Buggy, from Disney’s Haunted Mansion.

haunted chairEbay seller jamieshamblin says that this item was procured from the estate of a man, who was an old family friend. After this elderly gentleman gave up the ghost, the seller was told that he had left them his antique chair. His ghost must have come with the chair, as part of the deal. Shortly after it was moved into its new home, all hell broke loose.

haunted chairAccording to the seller,“From the moment it came into our home many strange things began to happen. We would hear strange noises and voices. On many occasions people have been touched or their hair pulled, by some unseen entity.”

Pretty creepy stuff…but wait, there’s more. The haunting doesn’t stop with just little hair pulls, strange voices and noises. Those are just silly kindergarten pranks, in ghostworld. The spooks had a much more sinister plan and decided to focus their efforts on the seller’s son.

“After several months of seemingly small happenings things became more dangerous. Our youngest son, began to sleep walk and have fits of panic and rage. He would lash out and would be physically and verbally abusive. After these outbursts he wouldn’t remember anything of what had just happened. He began to talk to someone or something that no one else could see in his room. He also seemed to be talking in his sleep as though carrying on a conversation. These conversations would abruptly stop if we walked into the room and ask what he was saying. He would always say I wasn’t saying anything.My husband and I became curious as to what was being said, since he wasn’t telling us. So one night, we put a digital audio recorder inside his room after he went to sleep. What we caught was amazing, and totally horrifying. We caught a male voice calling my son by name, and telling him to get out of bed, it was time to go. My son (who is now only 9) also wanted to commit suicide, and no long wanted to live. He was only 8 at the time, and didn’t by his words want to live anymore.”

Not a very nice ghost, messing with an 8 year old. Maybe it should pick on someone its own size instead of an easy target, like a vulnerable child. Hopefully, the ghost will move on when the chair sells and go pester the new owner instead. Why anyone would want to invite such a negative entity into their home, is beyond me. Hope the high bidder has an exorcist on speed dial.