Psychotic RatMore like unhinged. This literally slack-jawed and jacked up rat is crazy. As in psychotic. He’ll rip your face off man. He’s bloody. He’s violent. He’s…bloody violent!

The seller explains:

A rat thats been in too many fights through out his un-naturally long life. He wears the jaw of one his enemies. He only has 2 fingers on one hand. His left leg is just his left foot on a stick attached to his thigh, and his right leg is just a rusty old nail stuck into his thigh. His stomach skin is split opened and poorly stiched up.
He”s been known to wear an old sailor hat from time to time.

his jaw is moveable and detachable. You can make him talk and stuff.
Psychotic Rat
What he doesn’t explain is all of the whacked out junk in the background. You’ll notice that this rat has a serious tobacco habit and he apparently likes spitting his chewing tobacco in a bottle with some sort of fish on top. That explains the yellow teeth. He’s got a healthy appetite for Spam too. Tobacco and Spam. A yummy combination. There is also some sort of damsel in distress rat in the background that he is holding hostage. You can almost hear him cursing at her.
Psychotic Rat
But if you think all of that is creepy, watch the video.