Human Head Bookends Put Your Brains Where Your Books Are
Put your money where your mouth is, by putting your brains where your books are. These Human Head Bookends put their brains right up against your books. Too bad I still won’t remember what I just read. I have a photographic memory. I only remember stuff if I photograph it. *Picks up Polaroid of the inside of the refrigerator* Yep. I better get groceries.

The only downside is that the photo I thought was just a cool selfie of a handsome guy holding a camera, was actually a photo reminding me to get film. I couldn’t remember anything for like a month, which I spent in the fetal position crying. Until I found another selfie of me in the fetal position, with a note that said, “This has happened before, it will happen again. Man up biatch! Look in the cupboard.” And that’s where I found more film. Yay!

via Incredible Things