haunted dolls
A deceased Turkish husband and wife haunt this pair of creepy old dolls. According to Ebay Seller Newmoonchild, “They were procured and purchased in 1974 from a young girl and her uncle. They were handmade by the little girl’s father for her.” Already, there is a big hole in this story- the seller purchased them from the young girl whose father made them for her? Wouldn’t these dolls be a prized possession? Her father made them especially for her and is supposedly haunting one of the dolls.  Why would the girl want to sell them to some stranger?

haunted dolls Back to our story- These dolls were made to look like the girl’s mother and father and ended up becoming their spirit vessels after their untimely deaths. The two were murdered by a political intruder in their home, leaving their little girl an orphan. “After the parents passing, the young girl would play with these dolls and it seemed as though she knew her mother and fathers spirits had taken up residence in her dolls,” says the seller. We can only imagine the hours of fun that child had playing creepy little imagination games with her dead mommy and daddy. More likely they nagged her about brushing her teeth and going to bed on time. However, she probably had revenge games for mommy and daddy when they didn’t cooperate. This sort of situation can really twist a sweet young girl. “No mommy. You kiss daddy. Kiss him now!”

haunted dollsThe seller claims that many paranormal occurrences have happened around these dolls. When the dolls are together, there are high EMF readings around them. (The equivalent of a married couple throwing pots and pans no doubt) When they’re separate, no EMF’s at all. Their faces have appeared in a small black obsidian sphere and they’ve communicated with the seller via Ouija board, dowsing rods and automatic writing. They also cause a lot of electrical interference and have channel surfed and messed with the volume on tv’s and radios. The seller warns that they are very active dolls and not recommended for the novice collector.