indian bookNo doubt upset by the fact that we took their land and no longer even include profiles of them on our currency, Indians have taken to haunting our children’s books. The seller says:

indian book
“This book, was purchased for my daughter when she was 1 year old….Approximately 2 years ago, because she is 3 now. She was sitting in her room looking at it, and when I went to check on her, she had some paper in her mouth.

She had somehow torn 1 big strip of paper off the back cover. What was left was very stunning and scared the Hell out of me if you will…..A perfectly shaped Chief Indian face appeared on the book. I put it up, and have now decided to sell it. My family has Cherokee Indian in our blood, my Great Grandad was 1/2 Cherokee. We also live near an old Indian Burial ground. I was told at auction I could get several thousand for this or more, I’m trying ebay 1st, because of high auction fees. The Indian head is in perfect condition, and you can tell it was 1 clean Tear, and could have never, been made on purpose. that’s what makes it worth money.”

So basically, her genius kid starts eating paper, because the lead from the paint chips in the ceiling just weren’t cutting it anymore. The tear looks like an Indian. And since she has Cherokee in her blood, the mother sees this as a bad omen and now wants to be rid of it. Since she also has a steady diet of paint chips, she takes to Ebay, when she could get “several thousand for this or more” for this elsewhere. She is happy to get only $990. or $3,500. from Buy It Now. Good luck with that.

I’m pretty sure she made the Indian cry. And it had nothing to do with littering. For once. He is just sad that a once proud people have this specimen in their gene pool.