3D Printed Skull LampAt last, a lamp that makes my skull glow! Well, not my skull. What am I, radioactive? The skull/lamp skull. Alas, poor Horatio. I knew him well. I will miss him. He was always a bright guy… So bright I use his skull to read by at night. I think I might put this in my window and freak out the neighbors. And speaking of great ideas, it’s like this skull lamp is having a bright idea everytime you turn it on.

Don’t worry, no actual skulls were harmed to make this lamp. It’s 3D printed. Which I think means that they wear those blue and red glasses while they make it, so it jumps out at them and gives ’em a scare. Then they go back to work making skull lamps and the next one does the same thing. Pretty sure that’s what it means.

Yo, can I get some skull light over here? Trying to read a gripping novel over here. *Brings the light closer* I’ll be damned. I thought I was reading Shakespeare, but it was just the back of the cereal box. No wonder I didn’t understand it. I was reading Golden Grahams when I’m actually at a Trix reading comprehension level.

3D Printed Skull Lamp