elf on the shelfYou see that Elf on a Shelf doll? The one holding the knife? Well, it was recently sold to some poor idiot for a Best offer of somewhere under $39.99 on Ebay. The seller was selling it because as soon as she took the elf off the shelf and put it away, strange stuff started happening. Let this be a lesson to us all. KEEP THE ELF ON THE SHELF! Or else!

elf on the shelfThe owner took a picture of the elf with a knife and texted it to her husband. Haha. Look at this. That elf is crazy. lol. Oh well. Time to pack him up because he’s kinda creepy. That’s when it started. Footsteps were heard walking down the hallway when no one was there. The doorbell would ring on its own at different times during the day. One night the owner was sick and slept in the living room on the couch by the Christmas tree where the elf was at the time and she had terrible nightmares. They probably involved tiny elves all slicing at her ankles with tiny knives.

And when she woke up, the elf was inside the cuff of the bottom of her pajama pants! Get it off! Get it off! The worst was yet to come:
elf on the shelf
“I was in living room and walked out and there is a hutch in the corner of the room with glass doors. I clearly saw a black human figure reflected in the glass and then it moved sharply down the hallway. I ran to the hallway and nothing was there. I checked both my boys bedrooms and they were fast asleep. I so clearly saw that and I have never had any experiences like this before.”

Always keep the damn elf on the damn shelf people! Always!

Thanks Jeremy. You were the buyer weren’t you? You crazy!