Abraham Lincoln In Casket Action FigureAction figures are all the rage these days. Why, just the other day I was making my Batman make out with Barbie, until Robin the Dweeb wonder showed up and got all jealous. That was when Ken came in and threw a hissy fit. It all worked out though. Robin left with Ken and true love was found by all. Anyway, you know who the coolest Action Figure is? Lincoln. The man had a super cool beard and hat and he freed the slaves or something. A life-sized Lincoln figure in a casket? I’d buy that shizz. It better be mint on the card though.

Abraham Lincoln In Casket Action Figure
From the auction:

This is truly a very unique piece to say the least. Abraham Lincoln Life-Size Figure Laying In State in an exact Replica Casket that Lincoln was buried in.

The figure is the top torso portion only, there is no lower half as the casket you can see from the head down to the chest. He is dressed in period style clothing.

The casket is made of wood and is really nicely done. Lincoln looks “life like” with hand punched hair. Made of some resin.

Includes the style of American Flag when Lincoln was laying in state. President Lincoln’s body was moved 17 times and casket opened 6 times.

This is a great historical piece for display or part of a museum. Would cost many of thousands to replicate it this way.

You will have to contact and arrange shipping as the casket is solid wood and is heavy.

Really a unique and great piece for historical or for admission purposes.
Abraham Lincoln In Casket Action Figure
Okay so he’s missing his bottom half, but the top half of Lincoln is worth more than most men who are whole. It’s only $1,000.00.