weird al tortured in a cageHoly UHF! Somebody has a problem with song parodies! This life sized horror prop can only be Weird Al Yankovic. You’re not making fun of other people’s music now, are ya punk? I wonder which disgruntled artist locked him up and started working him over? Probably Madonna.

Here’s a comparison pic of Weird Al, obviously in an un-tortured state, looking a bit like a woman, as he will.
weird al tortured in a cage
So…If you hate Weird Al and have a strange desire to lock him up in a cage and torture him:
A. You’re pretty messed up.
B. At least you have an outlet with this life sized torture doll.
C. What the f**k is wrong with you? Take pain meds and stuff it deep down like the rest of us you whack-job.
weird al tortured in a cage
Besides you are going to get fake blood all over your parent’s basement and you will only become enraged when Weird Al doesn’t talk back and answer your questions, despite your many torture techniques. Soon you’ll be disheartened and realize that you really wanted to torture the 80’s mustached version of Weird Al. He was much more annoying. Then you’ll question your purchase.

What has led you to this? Sigh. It will all end with you unlocking his manacles and opening the cage. Offering fake Weird Al his freedom. But all he does is fall forward, flat on his face. That’s when you realize that you are basically a f**king nutter. Just another creepy f**king nutter. With a bloody 80s pop icon on your floor. You been spending most of your life living in a creeper’s paradise.