Loch Ness Monster Stalks Scottish Village
The Lochness Monster has apparently left the water and is stalking a Scottish village. No doubt in search of the nasty Scottish dish known as Haggis. It is a little known fact that Nessie loves him some Haggis. So it was apparently just roaming around the countryside. Probably shouting, “HAGGIS! Where’s me fekking Haggis? I could also use a kilt! Me wee bits are gettin’ shrivelled in the chill!” He’s walking along, peeping in windows and scaring sheep and whatnot.

I think that this marks the first time that Nessie has been spotted outside of the Loch. Maybe he got Loched out! In which case he is out of Loch, I mean luck. I mean, it looks like a bad photoshop, but the thing is, monsters all look like bad photoshops anyway. Cuz they’re nasty!