monster ear muffsWhat? Say it again, louder! I can’t hear you over these monsters growling in my ears! When they aren’t growling they are making chewing noises. Put a monster face on each ear with these monster ear muffs. Monster fur has been known to keep your ears toasty as a Pop Tart.

monster ear muffsI’m not sure if this is a gremlin, demon or hell spawn. I have dated all of those so I would recognize it if it belonged to those groups. Maybe some other form of darkness. It could be a ghoul. I’ve never been clear on what a ghoul is. It could be one those twins that some people grow on the side of their head, that are made up of teeth and hair. Now that would be nature’s creepy ear muff.

I don’t trust that face over my ears. I think I would rather have the ear-worm from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan warm my ears and warp my mind. But don’t let me put you off. These are some unique ear muffs. Better than most muffs I’ve seen.