Nice Kraken! - Cthulhu Leggings
These Cthulhu Leggings put squishy and colorful tentacles all over your legs. They also accentuate your kraken if you know what I mean. *Checks myself out in the mirror.* Do these leggings make my Cthulhu look huge? No? Good. Gotta say, that shot of them head on kinda makes your lady parts look ferocious. I was gonna flirt with ya, but no effin way! My sea ship doesn’t need to be attacked by your she serpent!

On another note, everyone makes such a big deal out of Cthulhu, but he puts his pants on one tentacle at a time just like the rest of us. I ain’t impressed. Okay, I am impressed by just how many legs his pants actually have. And that when he wears them he looks like a spiky pufferfish with many arms.