jason vs jawsThis custom diorama depicts the epic struggle that is Jason VS. Jaws. Jason is firmly in the Jaws…of Jaws. He is also busy carving out an eye and somehow still has his mask on. The shark is all like, just give me some of the sweet serial killer om nom nom.

This lovely piece is just $250. from Ebay. Phaw! I could take that shark. I mean, if I had the money, I would take it. What are you crazy? I’m not going up against some shark in a fist fight. I have to run away each time I sprinkle fish food in my aquarium, which explains that mound of fish flakes on the floor. Say, do you think there’s a connection between that and the tendency of my fish to just give up and do a death-float the surface?

Nah. Probably just sick when I bought ’em.

jason vs jaws