Ouija Board Coffee Table and 4 Planchette Coasters
This Ouija Board Coffee Table is cool and all, but every time a spirit has something to say, one of the planchettes knocks my coffee over. Then I ask, “Are you done?” and it hovers over the word NO. Seriously? It seems to be okay with me drinking wine and spirits though. This table comes with 4 planchette coasters so your drinks can be carried around the table like a cat riding a roomba. Every time you try to grab one it slides away cuz it’s trying to spell out Pepsi cuz it disagrees with your soda choice. What the hell man.

Might as well have planchette races with this table and bet on which one delivers the message first. Of course the good thing about a Qija board table is that you can use food too. Drop an onion ring and watch it slide around spelling out words. Drop some spaghetti and watch as the pasta becomes letters. Spooky.