Ouija Board SkirtI wish all girls wore Ouija Board Skirts. It would be so easy to score with chicks. Right now if I take my planchette and start rubbing it all over a girl, I instantly get smacked and kicked in the nads.

But a girl wearing a Ouija Board Skirt? She’s gotta be okay with it if I try to connect with the spirit world(her bedroom). I would just move the planchette over her body and ask if she’s into me. Then she would smile down at me and gently take the planchette, moving it over “YES”. Then I would smile back warmly and take it back and spell out “Should I bring a condom?” because I’m a gentleman after all. That’s when she would glower, yank it from my hand and hover over “goodbye”. *Sad face* I’ll find you one day, true love.