Just think of all the fun you could have with this scary window peeping clown! You could go around creeping out random neighbors, or maybe an in-law you don’t like. Just set this creeper up outside of their window, in the middle of the night preferably. Make sure to make some noise, like a scraping sound across the window…or maybe make some garbled maniacal crazy clown laughing noises. Don’t go for the cheap fake scare like in the movies. Then sit back and wait for the show to begin. All of the lights will switch on in the house. Then they will see the crazed clown staring at them and freak out. Hopefully not clutching their chest because you have given them a heart attack. Next, they will go running for the phone to dial 911 and get laughed at when they say,”There’s a killer clown on the loose in my neighborhood! Help!”

Good times. According to Ebay seller ljpooh,”This is an Eerily Real in Size Figure (head and Hands) that is Very lifelike with sparkling eyes, Detailed face and Hands and Wearing a Real Fabric Hoodie.. This Figure Also has a Painted Face as if he was Wearing Clown Make-Up ….He is Made of a Durable Vinyl and Easily Attaches to any Window indoor or Out…You Can Also Use your imagination to think of Many Other Places to Place this Terrifying Piece..I Personally Have one of These in the Living Room Window and also in a Bush Outside the House and Constantly have Friends Telling me that it Scared them half to death over and over again.. Gets Them Every Time!!! LOL”

It’s all fun and games until a real Peeping Clown uses your prank as a distraction while it goes on a real peeping rampage across town. God knows what he will see! Curtains! Curtains are his kryptonite!