Phrenology Head Cufflinks
Phrenology is the study of the head. True science. You can learn a lot by looking at a head. Like if it has lice or hasn’t been washed in like 5 days. So totally true. These Phrenology Head Cufflinks honor this science and put some classic looking cue balls on your cuffs.

Go ahead, feel my head and tell me all about my metal disorders and personality traits.

*Touches my head and massages my scalp.* This spot says that you are a very creative person.

Nah, that’s just where I fell and hit my head. Although I was creatively doing Jackass stunts at the time and having my friend hit me in the nuts while going down a windy mountain road doing about 50 in a shopping cart.

This area is all about your sex life.

Is it small? Is it a tiny area? Yeah, then that’s accurate too.

See, it’s a real science. No doubt about it.