crazy ass white chickThis Ebay auction is for one “White mad woman!!!”. Under Item specifics it says “PMS like crazy..please take her”. Then in the details he says, “This is one crazy ass b**ch for sale to the highest bidder”. The auction was ended early. Probably because she found out and beat the hell out of this guy.

C’mon dude. Why are you gonna try and sell her for a Buy It Now of $250? PMS like crazy? Yeah, we’ve all been there. But it’s probably your fault. Okay, granted, she seems to have a serious case of BRF(B**chy Resting Face), from what we can see here. Like Skyler from Breaking Bad.

Look, the home that you provided for her looks…barren and ghetto chic. Maybe you should help her clean up. What’s that in the upper right? Did you throw your striped underwear onto the curtains again? No wonder she is PMSing.

Not cool dude! Once she is finished listening to the music on her iPod in order to escape her life with you, I hope she continues to kick you about like the man-pansie that you are and leaves you crying by your laptop over your idiotic auction listing.