apocalyptic dollLet’s see, what do I have in the garage? There has to be something here I can sell on Etsy. Let me just put this doll on this sled and… Wait a minute. Hand me that gas mask. A little bit of wire. Those saw blades are awesome. Let’s use those. And make them really spin. People have way too many fingers anyway.

apocalyptic doll1
That oughtta sell on the old Etsy. We should probably take a pic. Move it? Hell no, let’s just raise some fabric and hide all my junk. I really should use that Nautilus more often. My middle is getting kind of doughy. Is that wholesale case of ho-hos on my work table hidden? There we go. One Post apocalyptic doll dressed like Joe Dirt. Etsy gold. I have done it again. $425 please.