rat manDadadadada Rat Mannnnn! Here we have a painting of Rat Man and his rodent army on the march and out for blood. Rat Man sure looks buff. It’s a fantasy/sci-fi tale of human wizards, Rat warriors and stolen cheese.

Rat Man has led the army through the “mists of a thousand baited traps”, lost half his force to the bubonic plague and now he is preparing to lay siege to the enemy stronghold, where they will gnaw their way inside and leave droppings. The droppings are just for fun of course. When you have the chance to poop in an enemy stronghold, you do it! Then the real battle begins.

Or at least, that’s what I get out of it. The seller doesn’t know anything about it, so we have no idea what the artist was thinking. He was probably deathly afraid of rats and this was his way of coming to grips with his fear.