gi joe artifactEverything that you buy and play with today is just going to be dug up in the far future as an ancient artifact, by big-eyed humans with pasty skin. They also have evolved to be a telepathic collective society, but they live in caves because the radiation makes them break out in spores. Yeah, spores. Not hives. Actual mushrooms grow out of their skin. It’s gross. But the telepathy is cool.

Groel, you will never guess what I found.

Uh. I pretty much know already ya dweeb. Our race is connected. Another petrified turd with a tiny man inside I see. Wait. I’m sensing something else. What are you hiding? Open your mind!

Whatevs. That’s right. I farted. Mental high five. Now everybody knows! Turning network olfactory settings ON.

Holy Hell!*ack-cough* We’re dying here.